design development

Design Development will explore massing and layout options based on ongoing conversations with you. This Phase will refine architectural design decisions and conclude with a document set suitable for construction preview.

KMA will present the best available option based on needs & desires, and the limits or opportunities presented by the lot and structure of the current home. You will review plans and 3D vignettes. We will have a minimum of one design meeting and further exchange emails and have phone calls as necessary to coordinate your design goals with the design drawings. Typically, the chosen option is a byproduct of the Design Meeting discussion and feedback.

A Design Meeting between the Owner and Architect will be set and typically lasts 2 hours. After the meeting, KMA will provide a link to view the 3D images and design drawings presented during the meeting for your further review.  Additionally, a 3D model will be sent so you may view and “walk” around the model. 

Once you have had about one week to review the design options, you will email your selected option with any comments. After that, we can set a zoom meeting or phone call to discuss those comments or KMA can utilize your email to incorporate your comments in the drawings as we move forward.

As soon as an option is selected, you should start to consider contractors and we will submit for Special Permitting or a Variance if required.