1. The first step in Phase One is for KMA to document the existing house. A date and time that is convenient for both parties will be established for KMA to visit the house to take pictures and field measurements. Documentation typically takes 2.5-3 hours to capture all that is needed. KMA does not require owner assistance but it is always good to have someone home while KMA is there. Once physical documentation is complete, KMA will take about two weeks to generate the existing conditions package including the technical drawings for project use.
  2. Code and Town By-Laws Research and Lot Assessment will be carried out by KMA
  3. KMA will provide a Programming Questionnaire to gain detailed project-specific information related to your needs and wants, desired aesthetics, functional goals, and required amenities.

It is critical that KMA be given an up-to-date Site Survey (see next section) during Phase One. KMA may start the process without a completed survey in hand as long as a Surveyor is engaged and target completion date determined.


If requested by KMA as part of the project requirements, the Owner agrees to provide the Architect with a current Site Survey/Plot Plan of the existing lot with all relevant dimensional and physical information. The survey must be executed by a Licensed Surveyor and be no older than one year of project start date.

The following Information is required to be included on any site survey/plot plan:

  • All relevant dimensional, physical information, and site-specific calculations
  • Show frontage distance along the street and square footage of the lot
  • Show all setback distances from lot lines to the structure(s)
  • Show the location of existing and proposed structures and utilities
  • Include all accessory structures such as retaining walls, barns, garden sheds, detached garages, drive and walkways, pools, cabanas, fences, etc
  • Provide threshold elevation and nclude zoning requirements and residential district classification
  • Location of private sewage tank/septic system
  • Designated wetland and flood zone areas