Cape Cod Style homes often had what was called a”Good Morning” stair that rose towards the chimney block to reach the upper chambers. These stairs that rose from the front vestibule were always steep, whether they were supported by the chimney block or were placed at the end of what was called the Keeping Room. When the steep stairs from the front hall stopped at the top of the landing they faced a wall and forced one to turn 90 degrees to either of the two upper rooms.

These stairs were aptly called the “Good Morning” stairs, for when the occupants from the bedrooms arose each day they faced each other and could say ” Good morning” before descending to the first floor.

Typical stair risers are 7″ tall (rise) x 10″ long (run). Here, the “Good Morning” stairs have a rise of 10″ and a run of 7″. Steep but classic!

The Orleans Cape House Project has these exact “Good Morning” Stairs. Images below are of the existing stairs.

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Judy Howard
October 19, 2022 2:01 PM

Very cool! I’ve seen a house where there are about four steps from the living room up to a landing, at which point you can either descend four steps into the kitchen, or turn left and go up a flight of stairs to the bedrooms. Is someone referred to that as a good morning good night staircase. Have you heard of that?

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