You have been thinking about a new build, addition, or renovation project for a long time and you have finally decided to hire an Architect.

This major decision can bring about a variety of emotions. The first emotion might be that of relief; you finally decided the timing is right to proceed through the process of reaching out to Architects.

The next feeling you are experiencing is that of excitement, you have met with a few local professionals and started to share your needs and desires.

Another emotion that may soon follow is that of fear. Fear is a reasonable response during this process. You are going to spend a lot of money with people you hopefully can trust, trust to meet your expectations and deliver a project you are happy with. So there’s the initial fear of choosing an Architect you can trust.

The solution is to select an Architect that will meet this fear with assurance. You want to feel assured and confident that the job will be well done and the experience will be positive, and if things go awry, you have confidence that the Architect will be able to work things out.

It is also important to trust that the Architect will work well with the many other professionals that will come on board throughout the process, such as the Contractor, various sub-contractors, Kitchen Vendor, Building Inspector, etc.

While pretty pictures of past projects are great to discuss, during the interview process, focus on understanding how the Architect will guide you through the design process, manage the project, address budget issues, and address challenges that come up along the way – in both the design and construction phases.

Gain an understanding of the design techniques that will be used throughout the process and how a timeline for deliverables is set. Also, what is expected of you, the Client, throughout the process? While your project is unique, the design process itself is defined and consistent with proven successful outcomes.

Deciding on an Architect should be an exciting process, and the best Architect for your project is someone you connect with and who provides a clear explanation of the process and offers assurance that the job will be well done.

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