Construction Administration


My previous blog post: Working with an Architect explained the design process and professional services performed by an architect.  Those services continue beyond completion of the drawing set, where the Architect performs Construction Administration (CA).

The construction process is just as important to the finished product as the initial design process.  It is the Architects’ role to assist the client in navigating the complexities of Construction; and plays an important administrative role during construction of the project.

­majority of what is done to ensure a quality house is built.  It is important to note that the Architect does not control means or methods of construction; that is solely the responsibility of the Contractor.  What the Architect is expected to do is spend time working with the contractor to ensure they understand the design intent.  Expectations for quality are communicated to those performing the work and ongoing communication ensures the work performed results in the best finished product.

Involvement by the Architect has a direct bearing on the quality of the finished product.  If not actively involved, the final result may not meet expectations.  Direct involvement ensures the Clients’ desires, Architects’ vision, and Contractors’ concerns are all addressed and coordinated to result in the successful completion of the house. 

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